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Why Garage Door Opener is Compulsory These Days?

With comprehensive varieties of garage door openers available on the market, one may not be sure where, to begin with. The major consideration to be given attention for garage door opener is the type of drive that indicates the actual belt, chain or mechanism that lifts and moves the door. Moreover, not all openers could be able to open all the garage doors. Based on your home garage or anything heftier, you should choose the type of opener that is the best fit for your requirements. Firstly, you should make it certain that the garage door opener can handle the weight and height of your new garage door.
The best electric garage door openers come featured with special provisions like a timer or a backup power source that will close the door automatically behind you at a specified time that was set. Though the door openers differ regarding noise, power and efficiency, they are effective in accomplishing all the essential task of allowing you come in and out with merely a push of the button.

Design of the opener
There are garage door openers that are operated wireless having the power to lift heaviest doors and it is found that the ½ horsepower motors are greatly fit for a standard aluminum doors being used on the majority of homes since 1990. The garage door opener motors with ¾ horsepower are capable of lifting the wooden doors of about 550 pounds. Every opener can open a standard seven-foot door, and if the door is taller, extension kits will be available.
The heavy-duty garage door opener is advanced and designed to incorporate impeccably with home automation systems. They feature a timer-to-close facility that will close the door for you automatically. The advanced garage door openers also come with a backup power source so that you are never troubled with the inoperable door in case of power outage.
Security and safe
Most of the garage doors are quite heavy to cause serious harm and even result in death. Thus safety features with garage door openers are most significant. It is essential for the opener to have the provision to reverse automatically if an object comes the way of the door. You would even need a door featuring motion sensors that could detect when an animal or a child is moving through the garage when the door is closing.
Few garage door openers make things further easier than pushing a large button by offering multiple remotes and keyless entry. The majority of the garage door openers feature keyless entry pad that can be mounted outside garage door so that you can get access to the garage without using a remote. A remote is suitable in many situations; however there are times while you want to get into the garage if you don’t find it handy. Hence it is the best feature to have.
The other technology with garage door openers is the side mount feature found in certain advanced models. This technology renders a compact design, making free the ceiling space as it is designed to be placed between the garage door and the wall.garage door opener